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The EGL Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter published in December, March, June and September by EGL in Canada. You will read about our educational programs, EGL USA gemmological research, new industry information and brief introductions to the people behind EGL.

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Education Programs
Introduction to Diamond Grading
How to Sell Diamonds with EGL Certificates
Buying Better Quality Diamonds
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Informative Articles
Informative Articles
To keep you abreast of new discoveries in gemstone research, synthetics and treatments, we have listed a selection of informative articles written by experts in their field. Check this page regularly for updates.
"European Gemological Laboratory Defines SI3"
Adding the SI3 clarity grade to the grading system was the next logical step.
'The Scoop on synthetics'
Can we ID them? Should we grade them? Do we need them?
'Cultured Confusion'
Should a man-made diamond be called "synthetic", or "cultured" and who are the important players in this controversial addition to the diamond industry?
"A Gemological Study of A Collection of Chameleon Diamonds"
The rarity of chameleon diamonds and their interest for the connoisseur are due to their unusual ability to change color temporarily when heated to about 150C, or after prolonged storage in the dark.
"Interpreting Diamond Morphology" - Part I
A diamond's morphological features reflect conditions of diamond formation and represent a unique characteristic than can be used to identify details of the sources of diamonds.
"Interpreting Diamond Morphology" - Part II
Morphological features reflect conditions both during diamond formation and also after emplacement, especially where alluvials are concerned.